The Light Side

Went out to the Barn early this morning, as Tesla had a pedicure appt. She was great for the farrier, and then I ran a bunch of errands and hit the barn on my way back home while it was still light and fairly busy.

We did a lot of in hand work on the long lead rope (I stuffed my back pocketses with carrots - so she knew I was good for treats) and when the lower arena was clear, we did some walk, trot, whoa, and come (to the center)....I realized center sounds a lot like canter - so we switched words, haha!

The force is strong with this one.

She was excellent to the right, and a bit sticky to the left - but I'll iron that out tomorrow evening on the proper longe line and whip in hand.

 You have much to learn, my young apprentice ;)


  1. She's a sweetheart and will win all over to her when they get over their preconceived notions

  2. Aw that's a very pretty picture of her ;)


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