Tack Review: Red Barn Bridleworks Smart Dressage Girth

New at Dressage Extensions: $185.00

I Paid: $50.00 used

This girth was marked 28in. but the buckle to buckle measurement is more like a 26in. so it might have been mis-stamped...prolly why I got such a good deal on it....

It had one deep cosmetic scratch, but other than that was pristine! The buckles are nice stainless with rollers - I like the double elastic and anatomical shape - it stays put very well on Tess. The leather is lovely, and cleans up great with a quick wipe down. No opinions when I use this girth (unlike some which get a stink eye.

If I had to be super fussy, it would be nice to have the loops a bit higher up to catch the ends of the billet straps, but otherwise:

Five Stars!

(Might have to keep an eye out on their bridles too :)


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