Day #4 of the Great Longe


Had a wet saddlepad workout this evening (nods to A Enter Spooking)

I longed Tess in the Sommer, and the saddle flaps were flapping loudly (sorta like whip slaps....I realize now how evil that was)  - so that caused a few scoots, but she worked through it and I got some lovely W/T/C to the left. The right was much better than usual, but from the ground, I can actually see how stiff she is to the right (sorry, girl I need to be a better personal trainer!!) Will definitely be working on that!
 Some great trot and canter work....the walk is a little iffy cause she tends to want to stop :P

Got asked if Tess was Dutch (so much giggling on the inside, cause Tesla is only a warmblood wannabe).  This particular trainer said the only thing that might give her away was her feet (cause she doesn't have the big huge draft toes :D


  1. I had a halter-bred QH that had kind of small, shaped ears and a judge once asked me if he was part Arabian... that was scary. Cause he was built like a TANK... LOL


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