Just a spoonful of sugar...


Blog content has been seriously lacking lately....as writing "Went around on circle right, left, rinse, repeat" just doesn't make for spell-binding posts :)

But I did learn an important lesson about sugar cubes....

The gals at the barn like to stretch their horses necks right after mounting with a sugar cube treat.
This seemed like a good practice, getting two birds with one stone: encouraging the horse to stay put at the mounting block, and getting a nice stretch before working. So I thought I'd give it a go!

I mounted up, and Tesla stretched right and left with copious amounts of praise and a sugar cube each way. Off we went and as we we working, I said "Good Girl" and Tesla halted, and turned her head for sugar....

Someone is too smart for their own britches.


  1. Hahaha Tesla is a smart cookie! :)

  2. Ha I like randomly dispensing treats while mounted to remind my horse that it's still me up there lol


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