Good Genes Run in the Family Part I

So this pedigree fun is bouncing around the blogosphere, and I've done quite a bit of sleuthing on the girls:

More Secrets (aka. Porsche)

Her Daddy, Sea of Secrets, by the infamous Storm Cat:

She has her Daddy's face and look

Wish she would've inherited some of those dapples O-O

I tracked down her baby photo:

awwwhhhh, little Porsche!

She came up for auction at 27K but didn't sell...

In her race videos, you can always recognize her by the flying carpet of tail behind her! 
The best she ever finished was 4th.

Her Momma, More Mascara was born with a disfigured face, missing an eye, and had to be in a brace for the first 6 months of her life!  but still won quite a bit on the track..I've yet to track down a picture of her...

Her half-brother (same momma!)

and she has another half-brother who is a stallion (can we say good personality? ;) still on the track, Hypnatique - who runs with his tail straight out behind him:

The BM of the farm where Porsche was born and raised told me that this was a wonderful line of racehorses - so I would definitely keep an eye out for any close relatives!!


  1. Aw Porsche was such a cute baby!

    1. Were you able to track down baby photos of Charlie??

  2. Definitely 2 lines in there I like for a jumping sport horse but the linebred Nasrullah locks in some 'tude

    1. I think you'd like Porsche - just enough attitude to be fun ;)


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