Bloggers are the Best!

Thanks to everyone for their lovely support - equine bloggers are seriously the BEST! and reminding me that horses will be horses sometimes - they keep us humble :)

Day 2 of the the Longe Challenge:  

Brought Tesla up to the lit arena, and another rider was working her mare, so we did some walk laps to warm up. I heard whip slaps, and thought: 
"Yay - another chance to desensitize to strong discipline" 
Tesla was a bit looky and had one little jump forward, but then settled down to what I was asking, rather than worrying about the spankins she wasn't getting. 

We had a few FAST circles, and a butt tuck and scoot, and then she settled down for some lovely work (and I made a big fuss with praise). Going right she was suuuper sticky, so we went left again and then switched back and it suddenly clicked in her brain and we had some soft walk and trot.

I don't think we're ready to tackle busy mornings quite yet, but we'll come full circle soon enough ;)


  1. Yay - love when this go better than we initially think they will. I don't know why other riders (especially when they know you've a young/sensitive horse) can't be a little more conscientious & accommodating. I always try to adapt my rides if people on young or hot horses join me in the arena - but then again I do get into trouble for trying to stay out of people's way and typically wind up right under foot 🙈

  2. It is a good opportunity to desensitize her in new circumstances as you may experience the same thing if you show. although I feel bad for the other horse.

    1. I'm definitely chalking this up to horse show experience! (and yeah, I felt bad for that horse too!!)

  3. This is going to sound weird, but we took our new puppy to preschool for the first time yesterday, and getting her used to all the 'normal' goings-on there was our biggest struggle! I love how you are working on desensitizing Tesla to her new environment


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