Big Girl Pants

Tesla is really setting in well at the barn: especially so since she is now out of quarantine (yippee!) and into her paddock. We had some fizzy moments earlier in the week that I am 100% positive came from being very well fed & mostly in a stall all day. 

She a a big spook in the cross-ties tonight 
(not quite sure what monster was lurking in the shadows) 
and she snapped her safety halter crown, took two steps back and froze, shaking in place.  
I walked over and reassured her everything was OK, that she was fine, and put the lead rope over her neck and led her up to put her back in the cross-ties. 

While I'm not thrilled she spooked, I am totally thrilled with how she handled it - she didn't lose her marbles, was unsure, but put on her big girl pants and waited.  

We went into the arena and had a fabulous ride, she was listening and trying hard: I had her do a lot of working off my leg, to and from the rail - and we even did a bit of walk/trot on the longe too.

Major cuddles and carrots, and excited for our lesson this weekend with Trainer J!


  1. Being in a new place has to be quite unnerving for horses who are programmed to be alert for dangers. She handled it very well indeed.


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