When to hold 'em and when to fold 'em

Things have been a bit dicey at the new barn in terms of management: fence repairs that keep being promised and postponed, no arena grooming since the tractor broke, arena lights that have yet to be hooked up, and fibs about the silliest stuff...

I'm really torn, as I like this location, the pricing is reasonable, the hay quality is excellent, the atmosphere is peaceful, and trail access is amazing. 
But it seems like everything is just falling into disrepair, ... part of me wants to think, oh, this is just a rough patch, and the other part of me is thinking are all these little things red flags and I need to Get-Out-Of-Dodge?

How do you know when to stick it out at a barn, or start shopping?


  1. That's tough. On one hand, if it's just that there's a bunch of little things and the management can't get ahead of it just yet, I'd think that's okay. But the fibbing part is a major red flag to me

  2. I try to stick it out if management seems to be making an effort to follow through. If there are dangerous things that's a different story but I try to be patient when I can when the pros out weigh the cons.

    1. The line between just sketchy/inconvenient and dangerous can sometimes be fuzzy...I'm not sure if we are toeing it or already across...

  3. I've boarded in quite a few places. My experience has been that when things are not going well it almost never gets better.

  4. I don't think it ever hurts to shop around and just start weighing the pros and cons

  5. If you have that many problems, it's probably time to start shopping. A few issues, I can deal with. When they pile up, I'm done.


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