Sommer 1 Sommer 2

I unpacked Sommer 2 excitedly and was blown. away. at the condition. It was pristine!

Seriously if there weren't rub marks from tall boots on the flaps, I would honestly have thought no-one ever touched this saddle!

It has a medium-deep seat, and blocks in the front, but they aren't outrageous..

The billets had no wear.

Thrilled to bits at my find, I went out to take 1 & 2 for a test drive at walk trot and canter.

Honestly? The broken in Sommer 1 had a great feel, but, I knew that Sommer 2 would feel like that  once the seat broke in (to my seat bones, woot!) and with some new squishy flocking...

So, Sommer 1 is headed back to the tack shop, and Sommer 2 is here to stay.  

Tesla was very adjustable: we did lots of serpentines and I can tell my improved position is helping me to give clearer aids.

Hooray for well fitting saddles (for the horse, and for me!)


  1. Yay! Glad it's all falling into place!

  2. Wow what a find!
    I wish you both well wear with it and cannot wait to hear about all the adventures you guys will share 😆😆😆


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