Goldilocks and the Unicorn

I had a chance to stop by a local tack shop, and decided to sit in as many used saddles as possible, just in case a unicorn might be hiding out there.....

Maybe even a Pegasus Unicorn? 

There was quite a range of things, so I mostly picked out anything with a M-MW tree and plunked it down on the saddle rack:

An Isabell Werth....nope.

Sat in a Custom County in full buffalo it was gorgeous, but I felt waaaay too locked in...

Love that the JRDs are made locally and totally customizable...but this is the second one I've sat in and just been, meh...

A Moritz - I had one in the past - the leather on these is awesome, and they wear well too, but sadly was too wide

and then suddenly I thought "This is nice, what on earth am I sitting in??"

It hit all my checklist,
and in a spur of the moment decision I took it out on trial.


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