Fake Plastic Trees

ever since I saw this video, on saddle trees, this song has been running in the back of my mind when I pull out my Kieffer...

Fake Plaaaaaaaastic Treeeeees

While this doesn't make it a bad saddle per say, know that as Tesla's back changes, it won't be the best fit,  So I started to put together a "wish-list" of what I might be looking for, so if a deal came around, I could jump on it.
  • Adjustable  (for when she gains muscle)
  • Ample wither clearance
  • open seat/close contact/minimal rolls & blocks
  • within a budget
  • Wool flocked
  • No synthetics
  • Quality leather/construction

Unicorn, I'm on the hunt!


  1. Happy saddened searching - always good to have a checklist to work from. Keeping everything crossed that you find your magic unicorn saddle

  2. I love my Kent and Masters saddle. It fits all those criteria.

  3. Fake plastic trees do the trick sometimes! I am on the hunt for a unicorn saddle too haha


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