Tack Review: Hereford Tex Tan Balance Ride

Is I model now?

Previously I mentioned the Hereford/Tex Tan Balance Ride Western Saddle that fit Tesla like a glove, and I realized I hadn't actually written a review for it!

Magic little saddle

This saddle is so light - I can easily heft it up to 16.2hh! It is a 14.5 seat, so actually it may have been a kiddo saddle (luckily I have no bum, LOL). The tree is designed such that it naturally puts you in a very balanced dressage position (in all honesty, I really can't feel much difference between how I sit in this versus my Kieffer).

The leather is good quality - this one has obviously been used, but not abused, and is still in great shape.  There are some odd holes punched here and there...so this little saddle definitely has some secrets from its previous life! I would say the twist feel like a regular, neither too wide, nor narrow.  It has latigos on both sides, so you can adjust the girth to be perfectly square and have even tension from both sides.

The rounded skirt is perfect for short backs (and just looks more sporty IMHO). The gullet is 6.5in. which is semi-bars, so it has great wither clearance (the wider ones can smash shark fins).  I have a 1in. thick pad under it now, but as her back changes I can opt for something thinner...

'Cause yeah....we needs it...
It is a nice open seat, so it isn't confining, and for baby spooks/trails, it is nice to have a horn (cough, security blanket, cough, cough), but I have absolutely been practicing dressage moves in it**

**In fact, a fellow rider at a neighboring barn asked if I was having an identity crisis, with my western saddle and english headstall

I like it so well, I tracked down a 15.5in. one for Porsche & the Trail Boss!

Both totes enthused about photos...
These are hard to find, I honestly looked for a year!

But if you can find one, never let it go:

 5 out of 5 stars!


  1. Thanks! I've been looking for a western saddle for the same reasons as you. :)

  2. Oooh I like! I have a big ole trainer right now, but would love to switch to something lighter and more dressage-like after our first 30 or so rides.

    1. The big thick pad helps to "muffle" my seat too - which is always a plus with the sensitive types :)

  3. Good to know! Cute looking saddle, sounds like it's a great buy!


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