The new barn has access to some serious trails (training for the Tevis Cup kind of serious!) but also lots of paths through the sleepy neighborhood that is very horse-friendly. So Tesla and I have the awesome opportunity to work our way up to hacking out extraordinaire.

Today we wandered around the country roads/paths in the neighbourhood: We passed the Big Giant Buddha/Elephant/Ox sculptures, and some HUGE green water tanks: Tesla was looky, but listening. I found a wonderful dirt downhill path/road that is definitely gonna be great for conditioning work, steep enough to be a workout, but not so steep that you feel like you might tip over LOL. Tesla is really not sure-footed going downhill yet (with or without a rider): so we're gonna fix that in no time!

We had two spooks: but the jump in place kind (those are the BEST kind) once at a duck-tape wrapped water tank (it made some noise as we were about to pass it, so legit, and once at the white spray paint on the road (cause obvs graffiti is utterly terrifying??) 

I let her loose in the ring afterwards for a good roll (she flipped herself completely over for the first time, score!) and then I took her took the wash rack for a hose-down. We strolled back up and down the street, so she could dry off, and a neighbors bulldog joined us - and was so sweet and friendly and snorty, LOL.

All-in-all, an afternoon well spent.


  1. You are so lucky to have that. You and Tesla will be trail experts in no time.

    1. It's great desensitizing work, and builds trust (and topline :D

  2. Ha my mare spooks at graffiti too. Also if we go down a familiar trail and there's a recently fallen tree she will look too. They totally know when something isn't natural or is different !


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