Righty tighty, left loosey....

It was so dry and hot out tonight that Tesla had sparks in her tail!
A little bit of Equifuse Gleam set that right as rain - wonderful stuff!!

We worked in the dressage saddle and focused on lots of quiet work, walk and trot over poles, working on straightness, and bending her body in corners, consistent contact. Going to the left is easier for me, and the right is much harder (so moar righty circles, until I get less stiff and more loosey!)

In the clinic this weekend Jutta told me I should feel the horsepower (no pun intended, LOL) that Tesla and Porsche should feel high octane when I ask for a movement - and Tesla TOTALLY feels that way with turn on the forehand!


  1. Ha is it weird that I think "righty tighty lefty loosey" every time I turn a knob? Lol


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