Ride with your triceps, not your biceps!

One of the gems from the Jutta Schott clinic was for me to ride with my triceps, not my biceps. 


Still camera-less, so still no photos from the new barn...

So tonight out at the barn, I plunked my hands down on Tesla's withers and left them there, so my contact would be consistent, my wrists wouldn't be engaging my biceps, and that I mentally would stop thinking "steering wheel!"

We did some nice circles...with an eye on figure eights next time.

Tesla had one sassy moment of head-tossing,when we went in the corner where all the road work equipment is temporarily parked, and I verbally told her 'NO". 

End of discussion.


But really guys, she is loving the new paddock, and especially her stall + shavings 

(That's what I get for naming her after a luxury vehicle - haha)


  1. I'm happy to hear she's loving thew new home! Will have to think about triceps vs. biceps next time I ride :)

  2. Hmmm food for thought.
    Yay for verbal cues & happy horse in her new surroundings

  3. I heard that same info at the clinic I was at in July. It really is a better way

  4. I always try to hold with my shoulder when I feel myself holding with my hands too much!


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