Home Sweet New Home!

As I type this, Tesla is all snuggled up with a huge pile of hay for the evening in her new #4 paddock.

She is an awesome traveller, and before I loaded her up I gave her some rice bran mixed in with several quarts of water (to make sure she was plenty hydrated for the ~3hr trip) - and while Porsche won't touch anything that resembles mash consistency - Tesla happily slurped it up - she had rice bran up to her eyeballs, hahaha!! 

We stopped for a sandwich on the way over and I offered her a piece of lettuce from mine (she wouldn't touch it)

She stepped off the trailer at the new Barn cool as a cucumber, and gave a few nickers to her new neighbors. I walked her around the arena, then turned her loose, she rolled and then politely explored before coming over to where we were chatting to hang out. The new BM loves her (yay! no more bad girl reputation!) and she settled in right away. My heart is so happy - I really feel like this will be the best fit for her and I.

and kudos to the Right-hand Horse Wranglin' Trail Boss for helping me to drive Tesla over!


  1. Yay, so glad the move went well & that T is settling into her new surroundings well. Moving is always slightly stressful on all involved & we all always feel better once it's over!

  2. She's really growing up! I didn't realize that she had a 'reputation'. :)
    What's this new barn like?

  3. Good luck settling in to the new place!


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