Clinic Recap

I pulled Porsche out of the pasture on Saturday, to give her a bath, braid, and get her ready for the clinic, and she was a hot mess. In raging heat and just utterly miserable 
(which is unusual for her, poor baby).

Even belly rubs weren't really working :(

I managed to coax her into letting me get a running braid in 
(Trail Boss likes flowing locks on his ponies ;)
so she was clean and presentable. One of the things I love most about this horse is that despite any terrible-rotten-no-good-very-bad-day she is having, Porsche leaves all the drama at the gate, and as soon as you get in the saddle, she is all business. This little mare actually loves to be ridden :)

The clinic was awesome, Jutta laughed that Tesla had changed a bit (changed colour and shrunk in the wash, haha!). They are completely different rides and challenge me in different ways, which will ultimately make me a better rider!

Some great take-aways:

SIT DOWN. In turn on the forehand, don't lean forward, which leaves the back-door open and she will back up. Keep her forward, and Sit!**

**This was one exercise where Tesla is much better than Porsche - I'll have to do some ground work with the verbal command "Over" so that she will pick it up super quick too!

Don't rock your seat: you are not helping: you are just creating noise so she tunes you out. SIT on your seat bones, and then use your legs to ask for more power.

Switch up your aids a just little: sometimes cluck, sometimes leg, sometimes a tap with the whip, just to make sure she is listening to you. If she gets confused or your aids are muddled, break it down for her: example: try using only the inside leg to get her on the rail..

If her head comes up, she is either not strong enough in her body to hold the position, or she is telling on your hands.

You want her to trust the contact - if you can't hold it steady, plant your hands on her withers.

Jutta suggested I work through IntroA and B tests, to practice my geometry, and give me some perspective on the training scale.


So much good stuff to process!!


  1. What a good girl! I can't wait for Carmen to leave the drama at the gate (it's coming). And yes- sit on the seat bones....


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