Bombproof and Fancy

These are the things we aspire to!

Tesla was suuuuper mellow when I got to the barn:

I hear you....but I just can't even open my eyes right now....

and was totally relaxed during our ride:

nice forward marching walk: lots of trot circles, and she was reaching down and stretching....

if I found myself getting grabby, I thought of L's comment to hold with my shoulders (and by Jove! that was a golden bit of advice!)

We did some canter transitions both ways, she tends to get quick to the left (thighs are brakes! - heard in my clinic with Jutta, and seconded by Megan just the other day!)

She was so quiet, I decided to take her on a little solo trail ride up the dirt road...(nice thing about Alpha's: herd bound is a nope!)

and she was looky looky on the shady bit of road with construction equipment, tarps, hydrants, tennis courts, but not spooky (even at the crazy huge elephant and buffalo statues at the end of the drive! (yeah, that def. needs some pics, lol!)

We did the loop twice, got some good turn on the forehand work done by the gate (double score!) and then I stripped her down so she could have a good roll, then dinner.

Bombproof and Fancy....we're gonna get there :D


  1. Sounds like you two are well on your way to bombproof and fancy!! :)

  2. Yay, she really is taking to this new lifestyle 😊


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