What's your type?

A gal at work asked me what my "type" was, and I rattled off a list of things I like in a fella: intelligent, sensitive, brave, big-hearted, a good work ethic, fairly good-looking, and then I caught myself laughing, so basically, a thoroughbred!


  1. Haha... that made me think of what a Haflinger would look like as a person. Short, a bit of padding, good-natured, mischievous, silly, and food oriented... I am picturing Zach Galifianakis... lol

  2. lol i like forward-thinking, willing and honest. intelligence is nice, but only if it's used for good and not evil ;)

    1. LoL - yup those brains can backfire sometimes...Like anticipating the canter, and now whenever I have a carrot in my hand, Tesla looks away (anticipating my "Leave it!").

  3. I just like horses with a brain. :) I do love a drafty and a TB for sure. It's horses that spook constantly and can't calm down are not of any interest to me, regardless of how talented they are.


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