Went out to see Tesla this past weekend, and take her for a spin. She was great for me, very forward and willing; her canter is still very bouncy, she tends to ball up and over-collect, so I will definitely need to be working long and low, to help her relax and build up some strength.

The trainer also voiced concerns that Tesla wasn't herself, and while it is clear she definitely has favourites, ( i.e. ME, lol) Nicol was concerned that she wasn't really progressing as she would like, and was grumpy with her: she suspected ulcers. And that doesn't seem too far fetched to me, there has been a lot of change for Tesla recently, and maybe she has internalized all of it.

So we made the decision that since her 30 day tune-up was nearing the end to bring her back to my parents, for 24-7 turnout and start her on Probiotics and Gastroguard (ouch you guys!). Dad and I are planning some easy trail rides (can't wait to try the new little saddle!) and lots of loving (Mom goes out to check on her and rub her nose all the time).

Her first day out in the pasture, we saw some moves like this:

Legs flying every direction: I think she needed a good play out in the field....


  1. Hope the vacay has her right as rain in no time.

  2. Sounds like a good plan forward, I hope Tesla gets to feeling better soon!

  3. Sorry to hear Tesla isn't feeling 100%!
    I get Ulcergard (same as Gastrogard just labeled for prevention instead so no prescription needed) from entirely pets and often they have a 20% off code (currently FANSALE) The last 6 pack I got I paid $143.99 for a 6 pack so $24/tube which is decent. The pricing gets better the bigger amount you are buying at once too.

  4. Hopefully she will be feeling back to 100% asap!

  5. Omg that sheep XD hahah
    Hope your girl is 100% soon! :)


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