So Tesla's trainer was out of town this weekend, so no big black pony visits...but I went ahead and drove over to take the Porsche on a trail ride.

She's looking like a bit of a wild child at the moment
(My Dad likes her mane to be as long as possible, lol! Boys and long locks, LOL) 

I had her in a hackamore - which she seems to be liking! At first we had zero steering, and backing was huh???  but it got better :)

Look at the bend in that neck!

She was SO FORWARD! 

I've never been able to get that level of quality march out of her in the ring, and this girl was marching, and working over every bit of her back. I can see why they hack out the fancy dressage horses in Europe!

We did a bit of exploring in an area I'd never gone before, weaving in and out of trees, startled a coyote up out of the brush, and a few seconds later, a giant jackrabbit.

She is just such a BLAST!


  1. Sounds fab!
    Not sure I'd be down with seeing a coyote out hacking...but if I saw one here I'd be well surprised 😂

    1. The coyotes always run away....but mountain lions on the other hand....I definitely don't want to meet one of those!

  2. I love how they stride out when out of the ring!

  3. Glad you were able to get a spin in!

  4. Gotta love it when they finally click forward and GO somewhere!


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