"You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed"

                      "You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed". -- Antoine de Saint Exupery
                                               (taking a cue from L and starting my post with a quote ;)

I got a message on Friday from Tesla's trainer, Nicol, that she needed to talk to me. I wasn’t quite sure what she wanted to say, other than give me an update on Tessie's progress, so I kinda prepared myself for the worst.

I got there early (Nicol was teaching a lesson) so I got Tess out and we shared an apple, she did all her tricks, and I got her ready to ride.

Nicol finished up and came over for a chat. She said that Tesla hadn’t been herself, and she was concerned. Tesla just shut down, and really wasn’t into anything Nicol was trying to do with her - nothing naughty, just had given up. I’ve seen/ridden horses like this before; mentally checked out….so I can see why Nicol was very concerned.

So we saddled Tesla up and went out in the arena, and for the first time since my fall, I took her for a spin.  Tesla and I did walk, trot and canter both directions, and she was very forward, and very BOINGY at the canter, but towards the end we had some lovely movements!!! She was happy to work, ears listening and trying SO HARD. 

Then we went on a trail ride around the property with baby cows and dogs and she was so happy! “She needed to see you” Nicol said. “and know everything is OK”.

I had talked with my folks that if I felt at all too afraid, or unsafe, that we would find Tesla a perfect new home - but I didn’t feel one bit scared (and we were moving pretty fast at times (this girl does have that extra gear or three, haha ;) So I got my clear answer - Tesla is a keeper - and I’m gonna try and find a place for her back close to me come September.

I’ve never had a horse get so attached (My folks and I suspected as much when she lost 100lbs right after I broke my arm and none of us could come out to the barn for 2 weeks.) I don’t even have words for how I feel - this horse was devastated when I didn’t come see her for a week! 

To be chosen by a horse? A great responsibility, and a great honour.

I feel very blessed.


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