Vet Check, check!

That evening light....

Tesla went in for her Vet check on Saturday at 8am.  She popped right into the trailer (good girl!) and is such a good traveller! 

She was a little nervous for the vet, sniffing around the examination area (and the fan which was just turned off got a few eyeball looks).

The vet looked her all over, listened for gut sounds, took her temperature, and palpated her back. The vet rubbed her neck vigorously as a reward, and Tesla was a little confused as to whether she liked it, or was getting in trouble, lol.

The diagnosis: she was a tiny bit sore in the back end, prolly played a bit rough in the pasture, but if it wasn't affecting her gait, then some chiro and she should be fine to go!

Trainer Nicol does bodywork (hooray!) so we planned to bring her over that afternoon so she could start summer school, with the caveat that if anything flared up to let us know.

Tesla was a bit of a stink getting in the trailer for the 3rd time that day, but once she decided to get in, she didn't want to come out, LOL!

At Nicol's, we turned her out in the round pen, and she settled in quickly, walked around a few times, totally chill with the tarp on the ground, and then nearly snoozing, hind leg cocked as we drove away. I'm glad she was happy to stay and play :)


  1. Glad all went well with vet check and that summer school got the green light.

  2. Glad you got the all clear! :)


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