Review: Horze Supreme Grand Prix Womens Fullseat Breeches

I picked these up in gently used condition for $30 (retail anywhere from $76-122). The feel of the fabric is nice - they have some weight and some stretch to them, so they are fairly flattering. I liked the wide waistband which was elastic and stayed in place (even without a belt!). I would say the sizing runs a tad large. All the little details are cute (the white X in the back and contrast stitching)

I got them mainly for the colour: the bright red-orange is great on trails (and just so happened to exactly match my trail riding pad ;) and a navy shirt I had (hooray for coordinated outfits)

Going for something like this....

The only negative point was that the fabric didn't really repel dirt as well as some breeches I've had, BUT they do wash up extremely well. They also weren't too grippy/restrictive.


  1. I have these in knee patch and love them! Mine are grey, so they either repel the dirt or don't show it, haha!

  2. thanks for the review. I've been eyeing those breeches.


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