Both Porsche and Tesla had an appointment to see the dentist, Melissa last week.

The aftermath is always hilarious.

Tess got 2 syringes full of drugs (apparently some breeds can be super resistant to the meds - and Melissa had just gotten stomped on by the previous horse, so she wasn't taking any chances!) She was super loopy afterwards, snoring away, but when we led Porsche away to load her up she started to whinny (her high pitched itty bitty pony whinny: Don't leave me here drunk!!")

Porsche's mouth was a VAST improvement over last time: only teeny ramps, and the wave is looking much better!

Both girls got a bit of chiro as well: with neck adjustments. CRACK!

Quite an exciting morning!


  1. Aw bless their little drunk faces 😍

  2. My mule is resistant to sedation drugs so she is basically partially awake the whole time the dentist works. She's actually well-behaved about it though.

  3. Sounds like a good day for the ponies!


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