True Black? Or very Dark Bay?

A gal at the barn asked me if Tesla was a "True Black" or just a very dark bay...

and to be honest, I hadn't actually thought about it.

Pshaw...A good horse is never a bad colour. Pink muzzles and crazy eyes included!

She doesn't have the tell-tale brown at the muzzle:

but she does fade out with sun/sweat/etc.

Also apparently she is purple on occasion...

According to a genetics calculator:

She has a pretty slim chance of being a "True Black"

$40 at UC Davis and a few tail hairs would give me a definitive answer...

and the more important reason:

how much more fun would picking out her perfect match be?



  1. Interesting question! She looks very black to me. :)

  2. i'd be curious too! my bet is on true black :)

  3. If you know the color of the parents you could probably skip the UC Davis test lol


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