Inspired by Megan's recent post involving plastic bags, fans and koosh balls,  and the well known fact that Bobby loves dressing up, I borrowed/stole an old feather boa that was my sisters, and hauled it out to the barn.

Cause who doesn't love three feet of dyed pink chicken/turkey fluff??

Apparently, not everyone. 

It was incredibly windy, and Tesla really long as it was resting on a bush, I could get her to touch it with her nose, but in my hand...


What is that monstrosity?!?

Which obviously means I need to bring it out MOAR to the barn :)

and it will be good practice for all the terrifying shiny satin we plan to win in the future, yes?


  1. haha yes, I definitely ribbon trained my horse, clip onto the bridle and practice that victory gallop.

  2. Haha! Good practice for costume classes!

  3. I tied one of those into Bobby's tail for a breast cancer photo shoot and even he wasn't all that impressed when we started out. I think I've just broken his spirit enough that he gave up on caring in about two seconds. Goals? :P


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