Keep 'em guessing

Had a good session with Tesla yesterday. Walked the entire property, and I got her to touch every scary thing with her nose (even the flapping yellow flag at the back of the property.)
There is a new mare in the pasture next door who thought Tesla was her only friend in the world. She raced along the fence next to us, crying and crying, but I managed to keep Tess focused on me.

Of course, apples never hurt, but I try to only bring treats sporadically, as I remember from the animal behaviour section in biology it is the best means of reinforcing (keep 'em guessing, will I get a treat this time??)


Progress, one hoof print at a time.

I'll take it :)


  1. Ha you're better about it than I am. All my mare has to guess is exactly *how many* treats she will get and of what varieties lol.... #spoiled

    1. The only thing she has flatly refused so far was a banana....(and a strawberry starburst :P


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