Conformation: Mid-May

I was finally able to get a decent conformation shot this weekend.

She was looking a bit shabby while my arm was healing, but she has just started gaining some weight with the warmer temps, a strong worming dose, and some rice bran. Her coat is coming in nice and shiny!

As soon as it warms up, a bath is in our future! as well as some much needed trims 
(I'm looking at you fetlocks and mane!)

Looking forward to seeing her topline transform as she comes back into regular work (wheeee!)


  1. She is a very handsome horse! I love her blaze.

  2. Awwwhhhh, thanks! I kinda like the crazy blaze/eye and no socks myself ;)

  3. So pretty - hope you're healing well!

    1. The splint is off! Working on getting back to 100% mobility and strength!


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