Bath Time? Yes!

Finished up work early today, and it was very warm out, so I thought: 

Someone needs a bath....and headed out to the barn.

I dropped by the local tack shop and picked up some Horse Sense Emerald Black Shampoo (it was between that and good ol' Vetrolin, what can I say, I'm a sucker for trying new things :)

Tesla hadn't had a proper bath since she started living at this barn, so she was definitely looong overdue!)

One of the lovely amenities at the facility is warm water (!!)  and it turns out that despite aversions to pink fluffy things, Tesla is a total Bath Princess. She would've stayed in the wash rack all. day. long.

More Bath Time, pretty pleeeeeeaaaase?

After just 1 use, I couldn't tell if Tesla was darker, but it foamed up great, rinsed out nicely and left Tesla feeling baby bottom soft. (WIN!)

The "After"

She cleans up well ;)


  1. I definitely recommend EquiFuse's line of products next time you are in the market for shampoop


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