All in a days work.

Went out to the barn this evening, to pull Tess out for some groundwork.

She waited very patiently and politely while I chatted with another boarder.

But when I went to put her in the barn aisle, she balked. We did circles until she was listening and tried again. Nope, still too scary. More circles, backing up (and all sorts of praise). 

Shall we go in, now? 

and she popped right under.

Silly girl!

Practiced our back & forth in the cross tie area, making her back-up until she felt some pressure, then lots of praise and scritches on her withers (hit a sweet spot there!)

Took her out to the dressage arena, worked through reactivity to "pings" on the mirror,  creaky wicker chairs, and I had her walking on tarps without a fuss by the end.  I can see the trust growing!

A free graze reward, and then we called it a day.


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