When in doubt, LUNGE!

Tesla was super quiet this afternoon

New Nosey Neigh-bour Boys


but as we walked under saddle in the arena, I noticed than she was getting uber fussy with the bit and felt increasingly "high".... A rocket was rapidly developing underneath me!

So I popped off, and went to get the lunge line. 

She was lazy lazy and didn't want to go in a circle, and I had to crack the whip a few times, and even touch her with it to get her moving.

So we worked to the left and right until she got all the beans out, calmed down, and was working very round and listening. (there were definitely some good moments in that lunge!)

and I pulled her in and hopped back on.

and had a lovely soft ride.

When in doubt, I'm lunging from now on!


  1. I've been lunging before every ride, horse has been totes sane lol


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