TRM Blog Hop: Pet Peeves

Powered by a Tater Tot! This picture makes me want to run out and get a mini and cart right now.

That Red Mare had a blog hop, so I decided to join in!

What is your biggest horse related pet peeve? 

I'm just not really a "more whoa than go" kinda girl. I hate feeling like I am flogging the horse to death asking for an upwards transition. I would much rather calm the horse down than rev it up.

Prolly why I like TBs, eh? LOL!  Although the hottest thing I ever rode was a little cutting bred quarter horse mare. Smoke came out of her nose. Seriously. I loved her, but didn't end up buying her cause I was afraid she would scare my family/friends.

I also test drove a lovely black mare when horse shopping a few years back, and I literally could not get her to pick up the canter (Neither could the owner, even tho' she had spurs on under her jeans, sneaky!) I realize that faulty training could have resulted in her being dead to the aids, but in the end, no-go was a deal breaker for me.

What is your biggest equestrian related pet peeve?

Barn Drama.
Nuff said.


  1. You chose the cutest photo everrrr of Spud! Haha.
    I wonder if that particular QH was Hancock bred - they can be little pistols!

    1. No Hancock in her, top or bottom. Her papered name was Colonels Red Feather ( but the trainer told me the spitfire was all from her Momma :D

  2. ugh yea i don't really care much for kick rides either haha...


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