Stronger and Rounder

There was ALOT going on at the barn today. 

New hay shipment, construction, intermittent rain, and a lonely horse in the pasture who was crying non-stop for all her friends to come back and play...

So, I just follow you around with the camera?

but we got some lovely work done today! Tesla felt very round at the trot and was all about the canter. I feel like some of our issues with the canter previously were me giving her mixed signals - so I am asking verbally for it now, and that seems to be helping.

Walk-Trot-Canter-Trot-Walk transitions both directions.

I can feel a HUGE difference in all her gaits once she has cantered a bit, and I can always tell when she is really listening - her ears go horizontal and all floppy!

  19 Fasine from P.S.I. Auktionen on Vimeo.

This girl has "listening" ears :)

Trainer N. even remarked, "Tesla looks SO ROUND at the canter."

Stronger and Rounder!


  1. aw good for Tesla for getting to work despite all those distractions! cool that the verbal canter cues are helping too. i'm all about doing whatever it takes for them to understand!

    1. She is SO sensitive...and has a BIG Canter, so I know part of it my inability to keep "quiet" while asking for verbal cues it is until my seat can stop shouting ;)


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