Spring has Sprung

Scraggly wild child

With a bit of warmer weather comes Spring Shenanigans!

When I went to get Tesla today she was flying around in her paddock, full on racehorse with Spiffy in the next paddock over. 

I suspect their conversation went something like this:

"My OTTB Mum was faster than yours!"

"Oh, yeah?"



Spiffy realized lunch had been served, so he peeled off to go eat, and left Tesla to finish a few victory laps (tail up, prancy fancy pants).

I had an apple in my hand, and after she whizzed by, I yelled "Snacks?" and she finally realized I had something in my hand, and the race was over, so she calmly walked my direction huffing and puffing.

Despite all the shenanigans in the pasture, she was SO GOOD under saddle. 

We did a lot of trot canter transitions on a 20m circle (good to the left, and SO HARD to the right, so I made the circle bigger).

I practiced inside leg to right rein to try and control her counter bend on turns to the right. 

Sometimes we got it :P

It was warm so I hosed her off afterwards, and put her out in the paddock with some rice bran (YUM!)


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