Secret Hotties

 Reading Megan's post about how TC is an unusual combination of hot but not sensitive got me doing some reflecting:

Tesla is a bit of an odd combination too!

And while she is super sensitive, she is also very sensible, but gets bored with repetition, so I wondered...

Is She a Secret Hottie??

Who me?

An experiment was definitely called for.

So in my ride on Wednesday, I tried to keep her brain as busy as possible.

  • No half-hearted walk, we were marching around the arena (checkin' the mirrors and checkin' 'em twice to make sure she was tracking up)
  • Bow ties at the walk and trot

Link Here

  • Spiraling in and out while trying to keep the same tempo (super stiff to the right, she wants to fall in, better to the left)
Link Here

  • Anytime she tuned out, I switched to a different exercise
  • Large loops around the ring at trot and canter, and when she anticipated the canter, I spiraled into a trot circle (hehehe!)
  • When she needed a breather, I let her march along on a loose rein, but was constantly changing her path all over the ring "Like a Drunken Sailor" Jutta would say! 

A successful experiment (that bears repeating!) we even had some strides of being on the bit (woot!)