My Little Pony

Despite 25mph gusting winds at the barn today howling like banshees and roaring like the roof was coming down, Tesla was a rock star!

When I brought her up to the grooming area, the trees were whipping back and forth, and she wanted to be scared, sorta jumped in place, so I told her what a good girl she was, and then she settled right down.

We did lots of circles today, after looking at my videos, I shortened my reins and brought my hands up - so we had some lovely moments of contact and being on the bit (despite the crazy weather chaos all around us (including other panicking ponies).

And, because she was such a super good girl, as a treat, I took her out behind the arena to the grassy knoll and let her free graze for 20 minutes or so.....she could've mowed the entire area, LOL.

Who doesn't love a purple pony in a pink halter ;)


  1. ha i always watch my videos and think "wow i really need to shorten my reins!" too lol. also, my mare is jealous of your grass. hopefully ours will be up soon!

    1. I know right? They *feel* so short!! and the video is like, nope!


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