Exclusive Taupe

This is what awaited me out in pasture today:

She's modeling a Storm Shield V-Tek Marathon Bellyband Turnout Blanket  (in an exclusive taupe color, lol!)

I can't say enough good things about these blankets: this is halfway thru Season 2, and it is holding up beautifully! No rips/tears, the bellyband keeps it from spinning and adds a bit more coverage, the neck adjusts (for those colossal withers). Tesla is nice to her blankets (but even Porsche who leaves mangled blankets in her wake, cannot wriggle out of hers). The only drawback is the price (gulp!) so I average it out in my head over the few years it will last, and then I feel much better ;)

I took my own advice, and focused on the trot today.  There were definitely moments where she was carrying herself and on the bit for a stride or two.