Energy in the Ring

“Whatever you think you can do or believe you can do, begin it. Action has magic, grace and power in it.”
– Goethe

There was a lot of high energy in the arena today...
and when one of the new fellas, a big blood bay gelding came cantering round the corner, seemingly straight at us:

Photo Credit Unknown

Tesla got spooked, and did some quick backwards maneouvers...pulling the reins out of my hands (but like a sensible girl, she stopped after 3 or 4 steps!)

So once astride, we did a lot of sitting in the middle of the ring, with ponies whizzing all around us, so she could get used to all the new energy in the ring.

Once she relaxed, I did get some lovely bend both directions at the trot, and then we went on a mini trail ride around the property (a few baby hills to get her to use her behind!)

Saw a bird nest knocked to the ground from all the high winds out on the trail...

I always feel bad when I'm in the arena with lots of other folks who are schooling/training way above where Tesla and I are at, or with more seasoned horses, our steering can be spotty at best and I try my best to stay out of the way, and not make waves (sometimes epic fail).

I feel like my two options are a) avoidance by coming at less busy times (prolly my go to option)
and / or b) get over my inadequacies and use the arena when it is convenient for me as well...

What are your feelings about this issue?
Are newbies a nuisance in the ring? What is proper ring etiquette if you have a pea green baby, who may or may not show up to work with her big girl pants on?


  1. idk, i don't think riders should feel like they don't belong in the arena bc they or their horse is green. traffic is hard no matter what, and there will always be those horses who think steering is optional lol...

    really the best thing any rider can do is communicate with the others using the same space. let them know your horse can be spooky or green around other horses - or maybe even tell them your horse kicks so they give you more space? and call out inside/outside as you go (unless everyone is really comfortable with passing left-to-left, tho frankly i find that less reliable). when i'm schooling amid lesson students i frequently encourage them to stick to the rail and that *i* will steer around *them* - that mostly helps avoid games of chicken... mostly haha

  2. communicate often and always, and when I am on a more experienced horse I stay out of greener horses and rider's way, they know less than I do, they aren't as aware as I am. That being said I get pissed when I'm on a green horse that doesn't steer well and people expect me to be able to steer.

  3. On good days we can go with the flow and stay out of everyone's way.....but some days....complete baby brain :P


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