The barn was an absolute circus today. Horses leaving, 14 new horses arriving, horses screaming, electricity flickering on and off, and wind wind wind!

Tesla was happy to come out of the pasture, and didn't seem too bothered by all the ruckus.

I decided to play it safe anyways and we walked calmly around the arena, and then I let her get the "bug juice" out on the lunge line.

She showed me all the crazy yoga poses she can put herself into. 
Galloping on three legs with one hind leg touching my belly - did you get that on camera?
Galloping with my head straight up in the air like a giraffe? Look at meeeee!
Airs above ground? I can Capriole!  
So athletic...those TB genes!

But after her exhibition, she settled down, so I hopped on and we started some nice soft walk work, and then Trainer P. brought in her stallion for a demonstration, and he was a little too excited to see Tesla, so I decided to call it a day.

When the circus comes to town, sometimes you gotta just roll with it :)

Helllloooooo gorgeous!