Canter Counter-Canter

The ring was super quiet tonight, just me and MP and her thoroughbred.  

She was schooling flying changes, so Tesla and I watched a bit. 

Then we did a lot of Canter work - 
to which MP exclaimed "That was counter-canter! Did you ask for that?"

and to be honest no, and even more honest, that I couldn't feel a difference (!)

Her canter is getting much better, no slogging around with her nose in the dirt, she is lifting more through her back....

and to make it easier on her, until she gains some more muscle and stamina, I've been riding the canter in two-point (here's wishing I had done the 2ptober challenge with Viva Carlos!)


  1. hah yay for horses offering harder-to-balance movements? mine is more likely to offer a cross canter lol....


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