Bouncy House Redux

So you may remember that the new jumping saddle is LOVED by a certain pony, 
and for me, is a grown-up bouncy house.

Can we keep it? Pretty Please?

In an effort to alleviate this, I pulled some jointed stirrups outta my tack bin (at least until my core gets stronger!) But I got to the Barn so late, we only had time for a few Canter transitions (so jury is still out on whether the jointed stirrups helped).

MP and Melody were just finishing up, and had ground poles down, so I took Tesla over them (she was very pleased about it).

 I can feel her using her back and really stepping up and over.

I worked on tight turns in our last ride, and gave her lots of praise for doing them, so every time I put a little weight in my seat bones this evening, she started to turn (smart as a whip, this girl and I can see anticipation is gonna haunt us as we progress!!)

It felt like when I was learning to drive, my Dad had a Jeep that was so touchy about the steering, it just took fingertips to keep it straight on the road, so I had to look ahead and not to fuss about it....

Same concept applies to Teslas it would seem ;)