And the results are in....

Took the Bouncy House saddle home, and gave it a thorough conditioning.

Made a few observations:

a) I don't think it had ever been oiled - and I could oil it darker if I wanted (seeing as the light tan isn't quite en vogue now....)

b) I discovered an *original* sticker under the flap with the seat length (17in.)
(I emailed the company and the saddle was made in 2001, so wOw.)

c) I took out the velco blocks in front (just cannot deal with that much padding, haha!)

d) More internet searching revealed that CAIR can be swapped out for wool if needed anytime in the future.....

Conclusion?  I basically scored a virtually unused second-hand saddle!

While the jointed stirrups were not a magical cure all (and I didn't really think they would be, lol) they did vastly improve my position (and wonky right leg).

Yes, we can keep it :)


  1. the CAIR can definitely be replaced out - i have a bates that has been converted to wool and our local saddle repair guru swaps the panels out on the regular for something around $100 (i *think*). anyway, glad you like the saddle!

    1. It has definitely crossed my mind!! Tesla likes it so much, I'm gonna try and give the CAIR a chance to grow on me....what the pony wants, the pony gets, LOL!


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