A Bit on Bits

When Tesla was in training with Nicol, she had her in a slow twist full cheek snaffle:

Like this:

I didn't have that particular bit in my arsenal, so I gave what I had a try:

but, despite intense online debates as to whether there might be some gentle poll action to this bit,
she wasn't a fan:


So.... I had an older 14mm KK Herm Sprenger bradoon bit (that I picked up for $20 - score!), so I gave it a whirl,

and folks, we have a winner!

I wuvs my wittle bit


  1. ha i went almost the exact same route with my mare - tho with a waterford interspersed in there for a little while bc ms princess forgot about brakes for a minute lol. we love our kks now tho!


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