The Kieffer

I have a very warped sense of what an English saddle should feel like.

I rode in saddles used for this:

which are honestly slightly glorified versions of this  :)

"Across the Board" by Michael Flohr

So everything I sit in feels very well padded!

I am currently riding in a Kieffer Gran Prix International made in 1983 (but honestly it looks and feels as though it was never used: the wool stuffing is pliable, and the leather flaps didn't show any wear marks).  Kieffers are a very polarizing brand, kinda love 'em or hate 'em, but it would appear that I am built like a tomboy because it fits me like a glove.

I'll be honest, I much prefer brown to black tack. I love the way brown ages (and can be revived).

It is a good fit for Tesla at the moment, and I liked this saddle, but a trainer at the barn recommended something that made me LOVE it....

stay tuned!


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