The C-word

I had a bit of a scare with Tesla yesterday. 

When I came out for our evening ride, she was pretty low-key (even for her!). During our ride she was super sluggish, and I kept hearing belly rumbling, which is not something I normally hear. 

We took it easy, mostly walking, and I watched for any signs of discomfort or distress, I even stripped her down and let her wander around the arena to see if she would roll or lie down, but other than being very low-energy and loud belly grumbles she seemed ok.

I have had one other experience with colic, when the Porsche was boarded at another barn. She was turned out with piles of new dressage arena footing (which apparently contained ripped up artificial turf) and was happily munching on plastic grass and toxic chemicals all afternoon. When I came out that evening, I could tell something was not right, and when I put her in the round pen to stretch her legs, she went down. I ran to get the barn manager, and we got her up and moving, and dosed her with Bute. I caught it in the nick of time, and she made a full recovery, but that experience has made me more aware of out-of-the-ordinary behaviour (and what are red flags at a boarding facility - she didn't stay there long).

I went out early this morning to check on Tesla (she was in the very corner of her pen so I couldn't see her as I drove in (insert slight panic), but when I walked out to the run, she was happily munching on her breakfast, and I could see fresh droppings. I pulled her out and we walked the property, she was alert and relaxed (her floppy bottom lip always gives her away ;)

So. Relieved.


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