Tack Minimalism

In the spirit of minimizing the amount of tack I don't currently need/use and keeping only the things that are absolutely necessary, I'm putting a few things up for grabs!

A pair of Herm Sprenger Stirrups. These are great for reducing knee strain, but I really need to work on improving my position the old-fashioned way....by bending my ankles! In lovely condition, measure 4.5in. inside the rubber sides. Black rubber with cheese grater stirrup iron fills. Paid 228 new, $90 shipped.

Old Mac (Cavallo) brand memory foam half-pad. Fits under a 17in. saddle (would fit under an 18in. too!). A great pad, very cushiony, but with the EXTREME withers of both my racecars, and their rapidly changing backs, it isn't getting much use :) In great condition $65 shipped.

Send me a note for pics/details/trades.