Had a lovely ride tonight. The rain started just as I left.

Worked on steering and working off my seat at the walk and trot.
Trot-to-Canter transitions both directions
(they were ugly, but we did get 'em!)
The canter felt more cadenced, not her typical bunny hopping or flopping around on the forehand, and there was some rudimentary steering even with some speed :) but going to the right was completely crooked at the trot, so lots of circling/bending/spirals to the right is in our future....

(and any exercise recommendations? I'm all ears!)

Her halts were right on point, very square!

Stripped off all her tack, and let her saunter around the arena while I scooped.

Someone had left a lunging whip, so I picked it up, and asked Tesla to back up. Then I walked off, and she followed me, head at my shoulder. We did several loops around the arena, with halts and changes of direction.

Felt like I had fallen into one of my favourite movie scenes :)