I keep on Fallin'

How many times have you come off a horse? (or how many can you remember? LOL)

Let me count the ways:

#1: Goldie

Goldie, the best buckskin paint partner a girl could ever ask for. We had so many adventures!
I went to get on her bareback (a little two enthusiastically) and went right over the other side.
She didn't budge an inch.

#2: Chocolate

In a polo warm up, I was riding the lovely Chocolate, and she tripped in the field, and tripped again, and I went flying over her head and rolled. She leaped right over to avoid stepping on me (always a lady!). My team-mates assured me that I looked like some sort of ninja, I was so graceful in landing. I have a scar to prove it.

Chocolate Smile

#3: Porsche

 I was riding bareback around the pasture, and she was lovely and soft, (her gaits are always amazingly smooth). And I remembered seeing a peacock feather at the far end, so I rode her out there to get it. She wasn't thrilled, and was half convinced it was some sort of fancy whip. There was a fallen log, and I led her over, and hopped on, and was 2 inches too short!  My left heel jammed her in the kidneys, and she was off like a rocket. Like the start of the Kentucky Derby. I almost had my balance, but as she picked up speed, I realized I better bail. So I slid off the side on to the hard rocky ground.  I popped up with a thumbs up, at the parents, who were of course watching (and screaming by the end.) Still have the (mostly intact) feather.

Note to self: Do not engage rocket boosters until ready.

This was basically the view I had as she left me in the dust

#4: Tesla

Soon after we got Tesla, I was riding her in the pasture, and asked for a trot transition, and she gave a few baby bucks, and off I came. She was traumatized at what she had done, and put herself in her pen. We realized she had some training gaps, and decided to give her a re-boot
(I did a post about it here)

"I needed to go back to school...."


  1. Off of Ramone, I think at least 4-5

  2. off my current lease mare, 4 times (twice landing on my feet) and countless more close calls. in general? uncountable lol

  3. I feel very lucky now to have come off so few times....(also jumping is not on purpose with me ;) you girls are crazy brave!)

  4. Lots. I couldn't even for sure tell you how many times I've fallen off my current horse :/


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