Hoofbeat by Hoofbeat

An evening ride, squeezed in the brief respite from the rain :)

Tesla got a touch up trim to bring her mane back up to "sporty" length, thinned the top of her tail and took a few inches off the end (I've always liked the look plus keeps it out of the mud!)

Tesla was happy to work, and we did some shallow serpentines at the walk,
link here

trot circles, and canter departs. She was crazy crooked at the trot, and I used MOAR leg, and she straightened out and was lovely and even on the bit for a few strides (woot!)
Note to self: more pilates!

She gave me one perfect canter depart to the left, and a few semi-decent to the right.

We did a lot of "wandering" around the ring on a loose rein, working off my seat bones. It feels like she is finally settling into the routine and I can see her improving, hoofbeat by hoofbeat.



  1. just found your blog and am getting caught up - Tesla is really a very striking mare! looking forward to seeing where you two go :)

  2. Awwwwhhh...thanks! She is such a special girl, and I'm looking forward to all our adventures ahead :D


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